The DeepGreen Process

DeepGreen’s strategy is to be a low cost producer of high value metals and products derived from seafloor polymetallic nodules using its patented hydrometallurgical processing technology to efficiently extract and produce high grade manganese, nickel, copper and cobalt products.

Key attributes of the DeepGreen Process include the following:

  • 1

    Operates at atmospheric pressure and medium temperature.

  • 2

    Zero tailings generation.

  • 3

    Produces LME Grade Nickel and Cobalt, premium grade manganese dioxide and copper sulphide.

  • 4

    Additional products include zinc sulphide concentrate, high-grade silica and iron hydroxide, as well as a nitrogen-calcium feed for the fertilizer industry.

  • 5

    Does not have to deal with large volumes of clay and waste gypsum unlike most Nickel laterites.

DeepGreen saw a commercial advantage in positioning itself as a leader in the onshore (processing) of seafloor nodules. DeepGreen’s patented process is also aiming for zero tailings generation, with the potential for this to be a step change for the minerals industry where disposal of large volumes of toxic tailings is considered one of the biggest environmental impacts imposed by land based mining.

Seafloor mineral extraction also offers a socially sustainable alternative to terrestrial mining as it does not impact local landholders, villagers, cultural or heritage lands nor does it cause social displacement which is common to many land-based mining operations.