DeepGreen Resources Inc. Announces Partnership with Maersk Supply Service A/S in Deepsea Metals Industry

March 2017

DeepGreen Resources Inc. (“DeepGreen”) is pleased to announce its partnership with Maersk Supply Service A/S (“Maersk Supply Service”) to recover polymetallic nodules from the Clarion Clipperton Zone of the Pacific Ocean.

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DeepGreen Founder Nominated for Australian of the Year Awards 2016

October 2015

DeepGreen’s Deputy Chairman, David Heydon, has been nominated for the Australian of the Year Awards 2016. The award is given to individuals who lead by example, inspire others and make a difference in the community locally, nationally or globally.

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DeepGreen Appoints Andrew Greig as Director

September 2015

In conjunction with completing its scoping studies, DeepGreen has moved to strengthen its Board with the recent appointments of Keith Calder as CEO, and Andrew Greig as Director. Both Keith and Andrew come with a track record of successfully delivering major resource projects, which adds to Ian Jacobson’s significant project delivery experience, and is of particular value to DeepGreen’s plan to develop a world class project to produce nickel, copper and manganese.

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DeepGreen Appoints Manager of Offshore Engineering

21 May 2015

DeepGreen is pleased to announce that Jon Machin has recently joined the Company as Manager of Offshore Engineering.

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Appointment of Chief Executive Officer

1 May 2015

In conjunction with finalising its scoping studies, DeepGreen has moved to strengthen its Board with the recent appointment of Keith Calder as Chief Executive Officer.

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DeepGreen Appoints Key Technical Experts

December 2014

As DeepGreen ramps up its activities the Company is simultaneously implementing a recruitment program of key technical experts. In December 2014 the Company engaged Dr. Samantha Smith as Head of Environment and Social Performance, as well as Boyd Willis as Metallurgist. We welcome Samantha and Boyd to the team.

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Patent Granted for the DeepGreen Process

November 2014

Following successful completion of micro plant work, DeepGreen was granted its first patent in November 2014 over its hydrometallurgical process to treat seafloor polymetallic nodules and efficiently extract and produce high-grade nickel, manganese, copper and cobalt products.

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Seafloor mineral extraction also offers a socially sustainable alternative to terrestrial mining as it does not impact local landholders, villagers, cultural or heritage lands nor does it cause social displacement which is common to many land-based mining operations.