DeepGreen Founder Nominated for Australian of the Year Awards 2016

DeepGreen’s Deputy Chairman, David Heydon, has been nominated for the Australian of the Year Awards 2016. The award is given to individuals who lead by example, inspire others and make a difference in the community locally, nationally or globally. In David’s case, the nomination is for his contribution and pioneering efforts in the area of deep sea mineral development, and is further recognition that this industry has the potential to create a significant positive social, economic and environmental contribution to the world.

About DeepGreen

DeepGreen plans to become a leading producer of base and strategic metals obtained from vast high-grade seafloor polymetallic nodule deposits containing nickel, manganese, copper and cobalt. Large, long-life and high-grade mineral deposits on land are becoming scarce, yet global metal demand continues to rise and the mining industry is being increasingly constrained by environmental and land access issues making it harder to extract and process minerals on land. DeepGreen’s mission is to provide a cleaner and more economically attractive solution for the world to source metals essential to growth.

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Seafloor mineral extraction also offers a socially sustainable alternative to terrestrial mining as it does not impact local landholders, villagers, cultural or heritage lands nor does it cause social displacement which is common to many land-based mining operations.